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TurfShockChalkTalk (Say 5 times Fast)

March 16, 2016

Turf Player Specs

Some typical calculations above. What you should know: Rubber Crumb and plastic grass adds approx. 12 times the surface area and up to 24 times the friction force (U coefficient >2.0) to turf so it generates lots of static electrical charge in contact with skin.  Since the turf is not grounded, the electrons remain on the turf surface until picked up by another player or they dissipate into the atmosphere. Nylon blades of grass generate much less static than poly plastic fibers or rubber crumb material Nylon is on the positive side of the triboelectrictric chart near skin.

Should we care that artificial turf is shocking all of our children?

Shock-inducing artificial grass in Mijas playground sparks protest

“A €20,000 installation of artificial grass has been removed after it was reported to give electric shocks to small children on the playground in Butibamba Park, Mijas.”


Since when was electrocution good for you?

Paper Examines Potential Link Between Cancer And Artificial Turf From Static Electrical Charge

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