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SpatialTemporalDeplorable – Say 5 Times Fast

May 16, 2016
Melbourne Radar Power & Marine Life Disease

Spatial Clustering of Marine Life Death and Disease in Indian River Lagoon around highest power density (Watts/sq meter & Volts/meter) of reflected microwave radiation in atmosphere from local high power, high gain antennas

3-16-16 Indian River Lagoon

Temporal and Spatial Clustering of Marine Life Death and Disease in Indian River Lagoon during time of highest power density (watts/sq m & volts/meter) of reflected microwave radiation in atmosphere


Voltage shifted in lagoon at time of voltage increase in atmosphere over lagoon


Voltage measured by ORP sensor drop ~ 1/2 volt during storm (indicating sudden increase in free electrons)

Kilroy ORP

Voltage quickly goes back to “normal” after storm passes

Sykes Creek DO and ORP

Dissolved Oxygen plummeted at the same time, ultimately killing most of the fish. Goes back to “normal” after storm passes.

Conclusion:  Increased reflection of microwave radiation in the Indian River Lagoon area during the large overhead storm system in March put an increased voltage (electrical potential) on the surface of the lagoon, which is a conductive brackish water (electrolyte).  As the minerals and organic matter in the lagoon gave up electrons due to the temporary increased electrical potential, the electron vacancies were quickly replaced by dissolved oxygen, which was used up quickly through oxidation reactions with the organic and mineral matter, causing oxygen levels to plummet, suffocating the fish. The accelerated oxidation and decay of organic and minerals at the bottom of the lagoon lead to more “muck”.  Due to the increase in free electron density near the surface of the lagoon evidenced by the switch in polarity of the ORP sensor, dissolved oxygen rates further decreased, further choking off the lagoon from oxygen.  During increased electron density near the surface, manatee, dolphin and pelicans will see increased disease from electron attack.  Oxygen levels quickly recovered after the storm passed by and reflectivity and voltage levels went back to “normal”, dissolved oxygen actually rebounded a bit higher because all of the fish had died and there was less life left to use up the oxygen. Probably a lot like a child with an asthma attack.



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