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Up Sykes Creek

June 2, 2016

fish kill

Massive Fish Kill near Sykes Creek in Cocoa Beach, FL on/around March 19th, 2016 [1] Coincides with increase in voltage in atmosphere and polarity reversal in lagoon shown below

KMLB Melbourne NEXRAD Radar Avg Reflectivity

KMLB NEXRAD Radar Station in Melbourne, FL located 12 miles from massive fish kill.  Each data point is the average (mean) of one complete volume scan of the atmosphere over 24 days (5088 volume scans – ~ 4 Gigs of data [2][3]

Sykes Creek DO and ORP Final

ORP reversed polarity, indicating a large increase in free electrons at the same time the dissolved oxygen plummeted [4].  Good temporal correlation between change in atmospheric voltage, drop in oxygen levels and dead fish.

Melbourne Radar Power & Marine Life Disease

That area of Florida has the highest power density of high power, high gain pulsed microwave radars and broadcast antennas (1-10 GHz) ~ 25 Million Watts of peak power, give or take.  During storms, much of that power (Watts/sq meter) will reflect & concentrate in the area.  Above is a non-isotropic peak pulsed power density profile from the radars/antennas, which spatially lines up well with the highest density of fish, dolphin, manatee and pelican deaths over the past 4 years.

Cocoa Beach Weather

It only rained on March 19th & 20th but the oxygen levels began dropping 3 days earlier with increased voltage in the atmosphere (radar reflectivity) [5]

3-16-16 Indian River Lagoon

3-19-16 weather over area of fish kill. Fish are dying when the overhead voltage potential is the greatest (P.S, that is voltage potential from 2.8 GHz radars, not the actual weather you see) [5]


Python-ARM radar display from KMLB Radar 20160319_183128_V06 Volume Scan at time of fish kill [6]


Multiple ORP sensors in the area recorded the same reverse in polarity. [4]


Dead Fish Equation


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  4.  Please donate to ORCA
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