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July 6, 2016
Gulf Shipping Dolphins Whales

Unusual Mortality event of dolphins and whales in the Gulf (green circles and squares) and shipping lanes (blue, yellow red)

Gulf Cetacean Stranding

Ditto in Texas.  Unusual Mortality Event Matches highest shipping lane traffic.

Texas Gulf Dolphins Whales

Great correlation with Unusual Mortality in dolphins in Shipping lanes.  What’s unusual?  I think it is up to 1500 amps @ 50 VDC electrical current pumped into the seawater around the vessels for corrosion protection along with all of the other electronics.  Source Map for Dolphin Strandings in Texas

Many/Most large shipping vessels now employ “active” Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems (ICCP) that power up to 1500 amps of electrical current into the seawater around the vessels.



Electrical current does not just seek path of least resistance it seeks all paths and sets up an electric field which will vary depending upon distance, salinity, pH, temperature, etc. from anodes.

 Divers require lockout/tagout(shutoff) for this system before swimming in electrified zone.  Who notified the dolphins and whales?

Whales/dolphins are dying/stranding near shipping lanes, oil platforms and underground piping regions that all use high current density cathodic protection systems (up to 1500 amps flowing into the conductive seawater around each vessel/structure).

Whale Lichtenstein Fields

Whales are also stranding near the oil platforms and shipping in the North Sea.  Those look like Lichtenberg marks on the skin of the whale, which are signs of electrical shock.

Since the 1990s, a total of 82 sperm wales have been found stranded in the Wadden Sea in Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.  The sperm whale is the largest of the toothed whales, and the largest toothed predator.It can measure up to 20 metres (67 feet) long and weigh over 50 tonnes.

ICCP 1990s

whales beached germany 1st feb

north sea fields
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  1. Kathleen Donnafield permalink

    My heart breaks for our magnificent innocent creatures of the wild. Humans have so overstepped the boundaries of propriety, ethics, and morals by expanding technology to the degree that life on earth is being hideously degraded. To what end will life on earth become because of human greed and the lust for power?

  2. I liken the thousands of whales and dolphins washing up on our shores to road kill…
    Sad state of affairs. Humans are best at denial.

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