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August 17, 2016

dp-pictures-dead-dolphin-found-floating-in-ham-w ICCP

Dead dolphin found floating in water along Chesapeake Avenue

Up to 1800 amps per vessel into the seawater by the military industrial complex.!! OMG

Does not include port and marine structure ICCP to shock your fish (thousands of more amps!!! OMG

“Ship impressed-current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems must be secured,tagged out, and confirmed secured before divers may work on an ICCP device such as an anode, dielectric shield, or reference cell.”
” For higher gradients associated with high voltage / output or remote anodes associated with the Jetty or Pontoon with brackish water, there is a proportionally greater hazard and greater difficulty in protecting the Diver. “
“A recent ICCP Conference in the United States was presented with the challenge of reducing the amount of the time naval vessels were left without any cathodic protection, primarily as a result of the ICCP system being ‘tagged out’ because divers were working around the vessel. Some divers have experienced tingling and effects on tooth fillings while working close to an operating ICCP anode.”
NOAA: National Oceanic Annihilation Administration

ICCP: Impressed Cetacean Cathodic Persecution

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