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Davis County, Utah Autism Cluster

October 7, 2016

High Power, High Gain pulsed microwave weather radar was installed in mid-1999. Autism cluster showed up in a 2002 cohort and did not show up prior to 1999.





What prevents that low beam angle from striking the mountain and reflecting back?  What about reflecting off rain and snow? Does that strong electric field accelerate oxidative stress in the surroundings? How about radiation reflecting off airplane’s metal fuselages and back to ground since there are 2 airports in the area? What about the overlapping radiation from 2 other high power, pulsed microwave radars? Who said all of this high gain pulsed radiation is safe?  EIRP is 25,000,000,000 watts from that radar.  (That’s right 25 billion watts of equivalent isotropic radiation in that beam that reflects and scatters into the surroundings.)

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