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Link Between Autism, Vinyl Flooring, Condensation on Windows, Dust and Smoke Residue

November 19, 2016


Scientists Find ‘Baffling’ Link between Autism and Vinyl Flooring

“A greater proportion of children with autism spectrum disorder were reported to have PVC[1] as flooring material in the child’s and the parent’s bedroom in 2000 compared to children without autism spectrum disorder,” the scientists wrote in the journal Neurotoxicology. “Furthermore, children with autism spectrum disorder were reported to live in homes with more condensation [2] on the inside of the windows, which…may be seen as an indicator for deficient ventilation.”

Children in the study also were twice as likely to have autism if their mothers smoked cigarettes [3]. The autistic children also were more likely to have asthma.

The lead investigator was Carl-Gustav Bornehag of Karlstad University in Sweden, who in 2004 found a high rate of asthma and allergies among children living in households with dust[4] containing phthalates.



The amount of static electricity generated depends upon the materials subjected to friction or separation, the amount of friction or separation and the relative humidity of the environment.

Walking/Crawling over untreated vinyl floor = 250 to 12,000 volts Source


Synthetic carpeting is just as bad or worse:

Walking/Crawling across a carpet = 1,500 to 35,000 volts Source



“And lo and behold, they don’t know how you acquire it, and lo and behold, there were tons of kids in the ICU with Kawasaki’s,” Preston said. “I’d never even heard of it. And they give you a questionnaire with about 50 questions on it. I went and talked to everybody— every single parent—and everyone had cleaned their carpets in the last couple of weeks. That was one of the questions. So I don’t know what the correlation is…I’m just saying we need to know more.”

Because of Jett’s asthma and allergies, Preston told Williams, “We don’t have any chemicals in the house. We’re 90 percent organic, though there’s some canned foods, a little bit of junk food here and there.” Source

Several variables affect the amount of static that is generated. These may include differences in environments, humans, shoe soles, fiber types, carpet constructions, carpet backing materials, and carpet cushions. In-use wear, soiling, cleaning, temperature, relative humidity, etc. may alter the amount of static electricity generated in the carpet and, therefore, the level of shock. Studies have revealed that static electricity does not become a problem with most people until the relative humidity drops below 40 percent. Source

However, Jett Travolta—whose parents described him as a Kawasaki sufferer amid reports that the boy was actually autistic—has had medical problems for years. Source

Then, when Jett was 15 months old, he was diagnosed with Kawasaki syndrome, a rare illness that mainly affects young children and can cause complications, including lasting damage to the heart and inflammation of the arteries. Source




Electrostatic Precipitator

Surface Condenser

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