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November 27, 2016



All High Gain Broadcast Microwave Antennas in FCC database, including satellite earthstations, relay stations and pulsed microwave radar stations. Autism Cluster in Green identified by Columbia University researchers. >400% more radiation in an area of >400% autism in children.


Do you guys think if I’m right Hollywood will make a movie about all this? I wonder if popcorn pops faster in Hollywood?

My Research

Photoelectric effect

“For a given metal[mineral] and frequency of incident radiation, the rate at which photoelectrons are ejected is directly proportional to the intensity of the incident light[radiation]. An increase in the intensity of the incident beam (keeping the frequency fixed) increases the magnitude of the photoelectric current, although the stopping voltage remains the same.”

Autism Speaks Omits Radiation as a Cause

“Autism Speaks, a 501c/3 non-profit with revenues of $57.5M in 2014, has extensive materials on possible causes of the skyrocketing syndrome but Wi-Fi and other sources of radiation are not listed.”

“Health advocate Sue McCully has posted on Facebook that autism may have many causes but it is “irresponsible and unethical” for the “powers that be” to ignore pulsed radiation as a cause.”

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