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PotentiallyScientificallyShocking(Say 5 Times Fast)

December 11, 2016



Dear Scientists and Beloved Doctors, Please make sure you wear insulating rubber waders and rubber boots while placing that electric probe into saltwater… 


2nd beluga whale dies at Vancouver Aquarium in less than two weeks


Maris the beluga whale dies suddenly at Georgia Aquarium



Click to access logiq_e_sm.pdf

Click to access ProbeElectricalLeakageGuide.pdf



Notice that >500 microAmps is a dangerous level of electrical current flowing into conductive solutions.  Notice how the dumbasses below are pumping up to 250 amps (250,000,000 microAmps) into the seawater at every anode, shocking the fuck out of the marine life.

Juno, Beluga Whale, viewing window, Mystic Aquarium, Youngters, Whale, Expression, Captivity, Freedo

ICCP Calcs

Now scientifically proven, I call it Belugacution…

Big Bro is Watching


Everything he needs to know…


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