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December 23, 2016




“We have contacted GE as well as some independent electrical engineers and there is very little risk apparently.”
I could not disagree with them more…
Prevention of electrical shock hazards in physical therapy.
Using an ultrasound immersed in a pool is equivalent to hydrotherapy and should use the same safety:

“Hydrotherapy is an especially dangerous area and should be equipped with ground fault detector receptacles with ground fault interrupters that cut the current when the electrical ground is lost. Ultrasound leakage current measurements on many older ultrasound units may now exceed today’s acceptable standards.”

  • They should have an isolation transformer in the circuit
  • They should have GFCI protection in the circuit
  • They should have one or more ground connections in the circuit
  • They should not immerse the cord in saltwater
  • They should not immerse the probe in saltwater
  • They should not carry a modified laptop with a 4 amp-hour battery into the pool
  • If that is some type of conductive metal decking under the whale it should be removed.

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