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Shocking Nemo?

January 6, 2017


Fish Die Off in Nova Scotia Still Unexplained

Modelling of the generator for OpenHydro’s tidal energy system

(Extremely high EMF Fields generated in the saltwater gap between rotor and stator)  that magnetic field is strong enough to induce up to 2 megawatts of power in the conductive copper windings and it will also induce high levels of EMF in the conductive saltwater gap.

Assessment of Potential Ecosystem Effects from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Associated with Subsea Power Cables and TISEC Devices in Minas Channel

“Because details of the TISEC devices are unknown, the magnitude of EMF levels cannot be accurately predicted”  [This is actually bullshit, see the generator model above]

Natural Geomagnetic Earth Magnetic Flux Density:  25 to 65 microteslas

Magnetic Flux Density known to detrimentally effect Atlantic Halibut: 3 milliTesla

Unshielded, osciliating  magnetic flux density across 6.5 ft. (2 m)saltwater gap from OpenHydro rotor/stator: 1.23 Tesla


EXCEEDS UNSAFE KNOWN LIMIT FOR HALIBUT BY (1.23/.003*100) = 41,667%!!!

“Levels of direct mortality of organisms passing through turbines could be high and disorientation might reduce species viability.” Agreed

“Shielded submarine cables generally emit very low levels of EMF. Cables that become damaged and emissions from tidal turbines and other components will contribute additional sources of EMF.[it’s not the cables dumbassess, it’s the high powered magnets in the rotor]

Nova Scotia Dead zone meets my criteria:

  1. Are electrical engineers experimenting nearby (yes)
  2. Are electrical engineers generating 2,000,000 watts of electricity by submerging an electrical generator in conductive saltwater (YES)
  3. Are electrical engineers placing a high voltage substation/transformer underwater (YES)
  4. Are dead fish, lobster, starfish and whales mysteriously washing ashore (YES)

And if the dumbasses happened to place ICCP corrosion anodes on the turbine they will be pumping an additional few hundred amps into the seawater that will also contribute to dead stuff.

“Protection of divers and swimmers from dangerous voltages in vicinity of energised ICCP systems” (Quick, somebody tell the whales…)

  1. marke permalink

    So, when you use the term, “Are electrical engineers operating nearby”, what are you asking? Ditto questions 3&4. I’m used to an engineer being a person, not a device.

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