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Spooky Fish Kills From a Distance…

January 30, 2017



The permanent magnetic motor tidal generator like the one installed in the Bay of Fundy the same week the fish, lobster, clams and seastars started dying passes ALL of the EMF through the conductive seawater between the rotor and stator. This level of EMF is millions of times greater than known to cause problems with marine life. OMG!




Alternating current/mag fields drop off as 1/distance^3. All the EMF flux from that pulsed generator is passing through the conductive seawater based upon their research! (not mine!)




Direct current/mag fields drop off as 1/distance^2.  Looks to me like that pulsed generator is generating both AC and DC fields in that 2 meter gap between rotor and stator and is affecting marine life for a couple of kilometers or more around the generator…



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