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March 16, 2017


“Two young children on the North Shore were recently diagnosed with a rare disease that inflames the arteries, and one has died, according to WWL television.Charles “Dooey” De Silva III, a six-year-old from Slidell, succumbed to Kawasaki disease, the prevalence of which is significantly higher in people of east Asian descent.” – THINK MARTIAL ARTS


“SLIDELL — Charles “Dooey” De Silva III was an outgoing six-year-old with a love for fun and a knack for karate.THINK BARE FEET RUBBING & FRICTION REPEATEDLY ON RUBBER MATS AND CREATING LOTS OF ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE OVER AND OVER




“Jamie Jones, 7, once enjoyed football and even won several medals for wrestling. These are activities he can no longer participate in after a life-changing diagnosis – Kawasaki Disease”




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