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Let’s Zoom into that Northern LA Autism Cluster and do some calcs

October 15, 2017

Northern LA Autism Cluster and Locations of High Gain Microwave Antennas

Autism Cluster Study

Link to Location in Google Maps

Satellite Earthstation Broadcast Site3

View off-axis from the highway a few hundred feet away

Satellite Earthstation Broadcast Site4

Details of each antenna from the FCC Earthstation database

The calculations above use the FCC safety guidelines located here

State Guidelines from FCC:

Click to access FCC_LSGAC_RF_Guide.pdf

“No radio or television broadcast facilities are categorically excluded”

“Where more than one antenna is collocated …., the applicant must take into consideration all of the RF power transmitted by all of the antennas when determining maximum exposure levels.”

“Where multiple facilities are located at a single site, the FCC’s rules require the total exposure from all facilities to fall within the guideline limits, unless an EA is filed and approved. In such cases, however, calculations of predicted exposure levels and overall evaluation of the site may become much more complicated. “

“However, we can be overly conservative and estimate a “worst case” exposure distance for compliance by assuming that the total power (e.g., ERP) of all transmitting antennas at the site is concentrated in the antenna that is closest to the area in question. (In the illustration above, this would be the antenna that is mounted lower on the building.) “

And now I think you will understand the probable cause of that persistent autism cluster in Northern Los Angeles – electromagnetic radiation pollution from multiple high gain microwave radiation sources. And this does not include the other sources of radiation in that area such as cell towers.



OMG it’s Radiation!


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