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Does anyone know where the love of God goes?

February 10, 2018


Where the vacuum density of spacetime is the highest, the pressure and temperature will be the lowest and the storm will be worse along the vacuum gauge field near the center of the disturbance and along the path integral(s). We live in a metastable universe.

“However, according to the conjectured gauge-gravity duality (also known as the AdS/CFT correspondence), black holes in certain cases (and perhaps in general) are equivalent to solutions of quantum field theory at a non-zero temperature. This means that no information loss is expected in black holes (since the theory permits no such loss) and the radiation emitted by a black hole is probably the usual thermal radiation. If this is correct, then Hawking’s original calculation should be corrected, though it is not known how (see below).”

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  1. S Simonson permalink

    The love of God is still around if you’re looking for it.

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