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February 14, 2018
red dirt shirts

The red in the shirt represents rusted volcano rock, turned into dirt over millions of years, [but corroded within days/months by the military industrial complex].
Photo: Kris Verhoeven

kauai power

The West Side of Kauai has lots of scattered military microwave radiation & atmospheric voltage(30,000,000+ pulsed watts) and fantastic red shirts due to all the accelerated corrosion in the area!

Source: Red Dirt Shirt

If you’ve traveled to Kauai’s West side[near the military microwave base pulsing 30 megawatts+/- into the atmosphere 24/7], you’ve likely noticed that the soil is a unique shade of rusted red[accelerated corrosion/oxidation from the voltage in the atmosphere grounding into the volcanic iron in the earth]. If you’ve gotten up close and personal with it, you may have learned the hard way that it can mar your clothing with a permanent, red stain. This dirt, a byproduct of the volcanic rock of which the island is made, is so color-rich that it is used as a dye[Q:why aren’t other volcanic islands bright red? A:NO VOLTAGE]. Dirt shirts, as they are called, are shirts that use Kauai’s red dirt as a clothing colorant, making it possible to wear home a little piece of the island. There are several shops on Kauai that sell dirt shirts, including Original Red Dirt Shirts Store and Factory located on Waialo Road in Eleele.

P.S. All of the chickens are also dying and nobody can figure it out…




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