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Long Island Cancer Cluster Reload

July 18, 2018

LI Cancer Rates

Statistically significant increased rates of leukemia, bladder, lung and thyroid cancers in shaded area.

LI Cancer Rates1

Six high voltage transmission lines are running through the middle of the cluster area with many exposure locations near roads, homes and motorbike/walking trails underneath. Transmission lines originate from the LIPA power plant to the North and they split and run in different directions just to the South of the cluster.

LI Cancer Rates3

Transmission line voltages are 69,000 volts up through 138,000 volts.  All lines are running together, which increases the EMF and change for corona discharge (including ionizing UVc radiation in the area).  Voltages as low as 5000 volts on sharp edges and above approximately 35,000 volts in air can ionize the Nitrogen and generate ionizing UVc radiation.

LI Cancer Rates2

Busy intersection with six high voltage lines overhead within the cancer cluster area

  1. Unshielded high voltage lines generate corona discharge
  2. Corona discharge from high voltage systems generates ionizing UVc radiation
  3. Ionizing UVc radiation can increase cancer

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