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Q: What do all three locations have in common?

July 23, 2018

Mt Pleasant Cancer Cluster.png

11 people diagnosed with rare brain tumor live within miles of each other

  1. Ionizing radiation and the risk of brain and central nervous system tumors
  2. Radiation induced Gliomas
  3. Corona discharge
  4. Study of Corona Discharge Pattern on High Voltage Transmission Lines
  5. Corona discharge and ionizing radiation (UV-C)
  6. Spectral emission of corona discharges
  7. Test Measurements
  8. If you can see the radiation in the camera, it is reaching your body

A: All three subdivisions have multiple exposure areas to 138,000 volt transmission lines  feeding Mt Pleasant and potentially emitting ionizing radiation (corona discharge).  One of the subdivision’s swimming pool parking lot is directly below the 138,000 volt transmission lines.  This is extremely dangerous IMO.  Wet kids and high voltage do not belong together.

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