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Atmospheric Effects Before an Earthquake or Volcano with ULF signature

September 25, 2012

For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.
Carl Sagan

Based upon my theory, the dark matter particle in orbit is typically travelling at hundreds or thousands of miles per SECOND and orbiting through the earth and atmosphere and should leave evidence as it creates a cold condensing string and may take up orbit for a few months or more.  A massive dark matter particle string will have the following properties:   mass, angular momentum (spin), and charge, just like any other atomic particles/waves.  It should also have a temperature (may vary based upon mass).  Due to the fact it is also collapsing gasses around it in the atmosphere and creating extreme cold temperatures in the immediate vicinity, it may in fact not always be visible (it can create a semi-thermodynamic stability with its local surroundings).  Potential evidence is listed below.

2012 Video Before Indonesia Earthquake

A list of effects to the atmosphere with links are provided below:
Upset of the magnetosphere  and ionosphere as it passes through (since the particle can carry an electric charge and is massive)
Contrail clouds of condensed water vapor as the particle passes through air
Possible glowing light in very dry air if it is not in semi thermodynamic stability with the air.
Sonic Booms created from the bow wave created as it streaks through the atmosphere
Circumhorizontal arcs as the particle arcs in orbit through the atmosphere
Punch Clouds resembling a smoke ring where the particle is passing through existing clouds at high speeds.
Rings of aurora (ionized air) around its path.
The particles can also generate low frequency noise as they orbit the earth both above and underground.  The orbit should decay to earth’s center over time.

This is not HAARP, which is a low energy primarily scientific monitoring and transmission system. This effect has been happening on earth since the beginning of time.  It is what creates the uncertainty in our lives and controls much of the weather patterns, earthquakes, tornadoes, sinkholes, volcanoes and climate changes on earth.

The author also theorizes that many seismic events may be just a one time “hit” of a particle the either escapes back out into space after passing through earth or is captured at the center of the earth.

Best we as humans accept dark matter’s existence and deal with it as best we can.  It has helped create the earth as it is.  I also believe we will find the intelligence we are looking for in the universe if we embrace the existence of dark matter and communicate on its terms.

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