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And Now a Prediction for the Destination of Nadine

September 25, 2012

“The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.”
Carl Sagan

Although I do not have any means of collecting a ULF signature at this time for either the hurricane or the seismic swarm to match them up (or even know for sure that they have one), I will make a prediction anyway for the intended destination of Tropical Storm Nadine at this time.  Depending upon how “interacting” the particle is with the ocean and atmospheric currents as it grows in mass and momentum, this will dictate how quickly the low pressure system can move towards the seismic zone and possibly whether it can get there at all before it gains enough mass that its orbit takes it below the ocean’s surface.

Nadine will attempt to work her way towards the location of the swarm of earthquakes that have been occurring just northeast of Puerto Rico and just Northwest of Anguilla.  She will most likely increase in intensity and stall there and once the massive dark matter particle orbiting above the ocean goes completely beneath the surface of the ocean she will lose her energy source and break up in intensity.  The winds, angry ocean and seismic activity will then tend to diminish in intensity after that occurs and the particle’s orbit is underwater/underground.  Until that time, however, there may be a gain in seismic and low pressure intensity as the massive dark matter particle continues to gain in mass and momentum increasing its destructive power.

Nadine’s location when I started:

Now that Nadine’s orbiting dark matter particle has increased in mass and momentum and she has shown she can overcome two of the most powerful forces on this earth, the ocean currents and strong atmospheric currents and still turn herself around, she will make her intentions known.  Her path should become more deliberate as she has more destructive force and now more momentum than anything this earth can place in her path (except another massive particle).

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  1. Andrew Dardry permalink

    That is one hell of a brave prediction, and if you are right, how many more correct predictions before you think you have a sound theory? sorry but nipping to shop for eggs:-)

    • I am as certain as Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle allows me to be. If the particle does not interact/combine with another particle on the way to its destination I believe I am correct. If this works out I do not need anymore correct predictions to convince myself. Others can believe what they want.

      • As of 12:00 PM Wednesday 9/26, NOAA is showing Nadine has turned and is tracking due South, which needs to happen for my theory to work out. By Friday they predict she will turn back to the North, which is bad for my Theory. We shall see. If my theory is correct, as the particle gains mass it should also gain momentum which should result in less “wandering” and a more direct path to her destination. My theory predicts a destination only at this point. Further modeling will have to be done to take into mass growth rate, etc. which I am working on. I also have no way of knowing if Nadine is mated with the earthquake swarm North of the Virgin Islands, but that is the only major activity I see in the area at this time so that is the destination I have chosen. – Stewart

  2. 9-29-12 Update: After performing a 360 degree cyclonic loop, Nadine is again being pushed NW. Some models show she may actually do another loop. Nadine remains as a Hurricane. Based upon my observation and theory, I will make the judgement at this time that the massive particle, although weakly interacting with each orbit, is subject to the momentum of the ocean’s currents which are pushing the exit point from the ocean to the north/northwest. Why then would the particle’s entry point into the earth stay locked in near the spot NW of San Juan where the seismic activity is occurring? I would have to say that the particle charge must create a large potential voltage difference with each orbit which guides it back on target as it orbits back through the atmosphere towards the entry point. If the orbit decays into the ocean before Nadine can make it to her destination, she will die. She still appears to have plenty of fight left in her.

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