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Sinkholes or Collapsed Matter?

September 29, 2012

Sinkhole formation has occurred since the beginning of time.  As an engineer it is very easy to understand how subsurface soils can be washed out and might trigger them. Underground mining and leaks in underground piping might certainly trigger them. Acid rain might also eat at limestone and other minerals over time, although I am not sure it would do it in such beautiful concentric patterns.  As populations spread out it is easy to understand how sinkholes can be more of a problem in urban areas.  But in my mind there are many unanswered questions about sinkhole formation.

At certain times, multiple sinkholes have opened up in the same local area BEFORE any significant weather events or changes in the environment.   Many times they are connected to seismic events.  Many times perfectly round sinkholes open up in otherwise solid ground without ANY obvious cause or appear after an intense weather event.  Where did all of the soil and rock go?  How did some of these get so deep so fast?  Many times the sinkhole formation is FOLLOWED by extreme low pressure events.

I believe based upon science many of these sinkholes are triggered from vacuum discharges from the atmosphere.  As I have shown, these dark matter particles will orbit through the earth and can gradually ionize, condense and collapse additional matter.    When I say collapsed I mean REMOVED from the hole, NOT simply liquefied, compacted, dissolved, etc.  The matter has been converted into entropy and a collapsed state millions of times denser than regular matter, possibly filling up those extra dimensions in space predicted by M-Theory. The particle’s orbital entry point sometimes stays fixed due to its large orbital mass/momentum and large electrical charge along its surroundings which accumulates along its orbit.  They pass through matter like a knife through butter, ionizing and collapsing micro amounts of matter with each pass.  The collapsed matter particles decay in orbit and enter the earth.  They, however cause gradual damage to any structural or biological matter with each pass.

Many times, sinkhole formation is accompanied by earthquakes and FOLLOWED by extreme low pressure systems such as floods and hurricanes.  I have shown how the particle orbiting through earth can trigger extreme low pressure events as it exits and how this low pressure can approach the entry point.

Dark matter will not just collapse earthen material over time.  It will gradually ionize and collapse anything within its orbital path, including buildings, vehicles, etc.  Here is a list of matter collapses just recently posted on

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  1. I did not realize that sinkholes were that common. I can remember leaving church as a child and a car was in a sinkhole in the parking lot…guess it didn’t peak my interest enough you most definitely have. Thanks!

  2. Very nice info and straight to the point. I don’t know if this is truly the best place to ask but do you people have any ideea where to employ some professional writers? Thx

  3. Such an interesting topic … Dark Matter is one of my favorites … and I consider that the very background of our Universe as a whole is Dark Matter .. And that Dark Matter is everywhere and without Dark Matter noting would exist …

    I consider there is space … and behind space is void …. and void is Dark Matter … yet space is like a “canopy-bubble with outer walls sustained with layers of energy” …

    And this canopy-bubble is set inside the void of Dark Matter …. separating galaxy canopy-bubbles from the void of Dark Matter … and separating heliosphere canopy-bubbles from the void of Dark Matter .. Meaning outside that canopy is the void of Dark Matter …

    Once a canopy is in place … pre-designed cosmic artwork can fill in that space with stars, planets, moons, suns and or a host of comic fillers …

    Now as for these sinkholes … I consider there are those ancient giant objects which have laid atop the true surface of this planet for eons and eons and eons …

    And when the time comes for those celestial objects to be plucked away … they accelerated in frequency until their mark of quantum leap snatches them from their places …

    And after they have vacated the underground … noting is left to fill in the empty spaces left as a mold of their gigantic forms … so eventually all top remaining crust simply collapses in …

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