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Time to Rethink Tornadoes

October 9, 2012

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology. – Carl Sagan

Sorry to mess with the all the research and storybooks but it is time to rethink tornadoes along with a lot of other earthly events as as being generated BY the atmosphere.  I do believe climate change adds enthalpic fuel to the fire (about a 1000 BTUs/lb of water vapor), but it does not create the fire, here is what does…

You may have missed it, I did, that in March of this year the University of Indiana released a report that LOW frequency SEISMIC signals were picked up during a recent tornado outbreak:


Does that disturbance look even remotely like it is being caused by the atmosphere?

Indiana University Media Relations released interesting news on March 8th that suggests that seismic sensing equipment might be able to be used to predict tornadoes.

“In examining the seismograms, we recorded unusual seismic signals on three of our stations in southern Illinois,” said Michael Hamburger, professor in the department of geological sciences at IU Bloomington and one of the researchers conducting the experiment.

“The seismograms show a strong, low-frequency pulse beginning around 4:45 a.m. on Feb. 29. Our preliminary interpretation, based on other seismic records of tornadoes, suggests that we were recording not the tornado itself, but a large atmospheric pressure transient related to the large thunderstorms that spawned the tornadoes.”

As you know my research predicts the low pressure system is actually created by high velocity, massive dark matter particle(s) (micro black holes and strings of entropy) coming up through the Earth and orbiting overhead in a high velocity, low frequency orbit (even a massive particle travelling 500 miles/second might take 10-20 seconds or more to orbit in an elliptical 2-body orbit through the earth!) These particles creates extreme low pressure around their surface and extract entropy and condenses water vapor, creating clouds as well as electromagnetic disturbances, including lightning and possibly spawning some partner tornadoes along with the primary big daddy with the particle screaming skyward inside.

If it happens to be over the ocean you might get a hurricane.  Over a desert, a sand tornado as you can see above.  Over a house or field which catches fire you may get a fire tornado.  Over a body of water like the Gulf of Mexico you might get a whole line of tornadoes if multiple dark matter strikes happen at the same time.

Luckily, we already tend to run from these things but beware, those particle strings are orbiting through the skies in a circumhorizontal orbit above Earth and have the potential of doing damage to anything in their path above or below ground.

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