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The Case of the Missing Pylon

October 11, 2012

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.
Carl Sagan

Most of you know that my research & theory predicts that relatively massive dark matter particles are orbiting down into the earth and creating sinkholes in roadways, fields, buildings, etc.  They are indifferent to ordinary matter, but collapse it micro-gravitationally and through Beta Decays over time as they do with an earthquake fault.   A lady mentioned in this news article is complaining that the city put an orange pylon over the sinkhole but that the pylon is gone.  If you look closely the pylon is NOT GONE, but something caused it to collapse into a rubbery blob.  This is what days/weeks of dark matter orbiting in the same spot does to ANYTHING IN ITS PATH.

Please, WALK AROUND ACTIVE SINKHOLES.  They will stop growing after a low pressure system moves through and the particle goes underground.

And to think a year ago I was concerned about climate change and asteroids…I hope I am wrong, somebody slap me.

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  1. Here is a reason why you should not repair a sinkhole until after the low pressure system moves through.,0,5833920.story

    This sinkhole was repaired and then reopened when floods, tornado warnings and storms moved through. I hope those contractors who repaired it the first time were not affected if there was a weakly interacting massive particle streaming through there while they were repairing it…

    Another sinkhole just opened nearby, probably multiple particles orbiting through the area…

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