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It’s not the Earthquake Causing the Mass Strandings in Scotland

October 9, 2012


If you have read my research summary you know that it predicts that massive dark matter particles in a decaying orbit into earth at high velocities through the atmosphere, oceans and earth can kill fish, cause mammals to beach to avoid the screech of the particle in the non-compressible ocean water as well as kill birds and trigger earthquakes, volcanoes and extreme low pressure systems.  Here is a site/article which links some current events.

The Earthquake Is Now Blamed For Mass Stranding in Scotland: What We Think About Earthquakes And Strandings Connection.

I am well convinced that periods of high concentrations of orbiting dark matter is responsible for many of the mass extinction events on earth.

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  1. All,

    In this article from Dec 2011

    They mention:

    “Back on Corfu, witnesses at two separate stranding sites reported hearing a strange whistling sound every ten or fifteen seconds – a truly remarkable thing since they were above the waterline and the signal probably came from below.”

    This would be the massive dark matter particle orbiting through the water. At a period of 10-15 seconds or (0.067-0.10 Hz) that might be a velocity of around 1500-2400 miles/sec depending upon the orbit. This fits my research/theory.

    Many of the mammals are beaching because they are trying to escape the extreme noise/shockwave from the particle. It can also injure them.

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