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Bold Statements

October 16, 2012

At birth children are typically nurtured and protected by their parents from all that is bad or unknown.   As adults we take bad “actors” and make toys of them so our children can play with them and defeat them with the known good.  We tend to downplay or deny the existence of a significant adversary as a coping mechanism.  Because of this we have given this newly discovered actor the name “WIMP”.  In that way he sounds less harmless  Here is the truth as I see it through my new perspective, which is based upon three simple scientific premises and observations:

1) Dark matter/energy exists and there is much more dark matter than regular matter in the universe.
2) Much of the dark matter either “clumps” or is collapsed into massive energetic particles and strings.
3) Dark matter orbits above & through the earth in a decaying orbit due to gravitational attraction with Earth’s center of mass and other particles and relatively weak interactions otherwise.

Statements of Belief

  • Earthquake science is primarily the study of massive dark matter particle string impacts and orbital effects into and below the earth.  Many fault lines are previous scars from orbital strikes.  Beta Decays of regular matter slowly weaken and micro-fracture the Earth with each orbit.
  • Volcanism science is primarily the study of massive dark matter particle orbital impacts beneath the earth’s surface.
  • Earth’s low pressure weather systems are primarily determined by orbiting massive dark matter particle strings.
  • The overall biological health on this planet is primarily determined by the size and concentration of dark matter particles orbiting above and into the earth and oceans.
  • Climate change on this planet, while enhanced by CO2 levels, is also determined by the orbital duration and annihilation of these dark matter particles from within the earth.  This includes the Ice Ages.
  • Uncertainty on this earth and equipment/structural failures are highly impacted by massive energetic dark matter particles orbiting.
  • No place on this earth, above or below ground is protected from the effects of orbiting massive energetic dark matter particles.

Now does all of that sound WIMPy to you?

My next post will be more cheery.  I believe there is much good from the darkness.  It is best to “embrace” it.

Copyright 2012 Stewart D. Simonson
All Rights Reserved

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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