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Darkness Creates Life

October 16, 2012

Through my research with “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions” or LENR, also known as the infamous “Cold Fusion” I have plowed through hundreds of documents that have shown that the effect is triggering transmutations of elements in “normal” matter.  Recently, Defkalion-Energy, a Greek Company showed that no less than 11 new elements were created from extended runs of their reactors filled with Nickel Micro Powder and Hydrogen.  My research and theory tells me that they are producing a form of “Hot Dark Matter” which is in turn triggering beta decays as well as low energy nuclear fission and fusion reactions in the surrounding lattice.

Therefore, based upon my research and belief that dark matter is passing continuously through the earth,  the building blocks of life spread throughout the universe is actually triggered from the interaction of dark matter with normal matter.  It is this dark matter passing through the earth continuously which is transmuting with normal matter and creating all of the elements on our planet that support life.

Normal Matter + Dark Matter = Building Blocks for Life

COMETS, thought by many to be a “dirty snowball” or lump of ice and cosmic debris have very little to do with it, unless there is something else holding together the snowball…

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