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Check for the Murderer’s Pulse

October 23, 2012

On November 5th, 2011, Oklahoma had a rare 5.6 earthquake followed by a series of small aftershocks . A day or two later, the sinkhole shown here opened up in a farmers field, apparently overnight. The farmer said that when the sinkhole appeared “you could actually sit there for 30 minutes and see stuff just move.” Local Geologists told the news “several factors could have led to the development of the sinkhole including the dissolving of salt and rock formations, or the possible draining of an old coal mine”. I grew up farming before college.  DOES A FARMER’S FIELD JUST DISSOLVE OVERNIGHT AND IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES? WHAT COAL MINE? DOES THAT FIELD LOOK LIKE COAL COUNTRY?  WHO DRAINED THE COAL MINE OVERNIGHT?  Do these seem like typical answers from geologists that have NO CLUE what caused this massive sinkhole?

On November 7th 2011 a rare F5 Tornado  touched down as well as up to 10 others around Oklahoma.

Were they connected? My research links seismic, sinkholes and extreme low pressure systems which all definitely occurred.  There may have been multiple particle strikes in the area from the same solar storm as it looks to me.  What I do believe is that they are linked through massive dark matter particle strings orbiting in the area both through the air and into the ground.  I KNOW YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT DARK MATTER IS, just believe the scientists that say that there is 5 times as much of the stuff as regular matter i.e. earth, rocks, etc. and even more DARK ENERGY.

 I believe if one measures/identifies the ultra low frequency magnetic or seismic pulse specific to the tremors and/or sinkhole events they should be able to match it to the frequency of the low pressure system connected to where the particle is exiting the ground.  If you recall from my earlier post,  researchers have already detected a low frequency pulse from tornadoes and also Hurricanes.  This should help predict the occurrence and path ahead of time.   Match the fingerprints and you will have your stealthy murderer’s intentions known.  I am not sure yet how to stop him, it may take a high energy dark matter particle ray to annihilate him – anybody have one of those handy?

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