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Fountain of Youth or a Sinkhole of Youth?

October 24, 2012

I have added a category called “Bizarre” to my blog.  Let’s just say my research and theory is correct.  Let’s assume that there is Dark Matter orbiting through that sinkhole into the ground and up through that hurricane or tornado for a period of days, weeks or months.  A recent article by Stephen Hawking talked about time travel.  One way to slow down time is to orbit near a black hole, which according to my research black holes are pretty similar or in the same form as dark matter.  In my case you are not orbiting dark matter, the dark matter is orbiting near you… Here are some questions and bizarre answers that fall out of that line of thought:

Q.  Where did all of that earth and rock go in the sinkhole?

A.  It entered a “slow river of time”.  What?  Yes, it came very close to orbiting dark matter, where time slowed down near it and some of the earth was compacted due to the gravitational pull, some of it was transmuted through beta decay possiblt creating neutrinos and some of it collapsed into dark matter (entropy), hence the hole.  Geologists like to call this behavior fancy names like suffosion, liquefaction, dissolution, compaction, Karstism because they want you to think they know what is causing it when they really can’t explain it.  (I am not going to be very popular with Geologists when this is over…)

Q. How can I slow down time and live longer, at least relative to the rest of the earthlings?

A.  Stand VERY close to the particle orbiting through the center of that sinkhole for a couple of months.  Make sure you do not stand directly in the path or part of you will collapse, leaving the rest of you behind.  This is not a good thing biologically in case it takes an important part with it.  You might also want to spin in circles since you do not want half of you to age at different rates than the other half. You might need to be tied off like the guys in that boat in Bayou Corne, at least until the gravitational pull of the particle pulled the tree they were tied to into the sinkhole.  You might also try staying inside the eye of a hurricane  as long as possible and you might see the same effect…

Q.  Where is the arrow of time leading us (actually it appears to be pulling us)?

A. Unfortunately towards a sinkhole…  As >90% of the matter and energy in the universe is already in the dark, collapsed form, chill out, it appears much more stable than our crumbly form of matter.  It does appear to be a bit of a rocky road getting there though…

Q.  What is it like there, in that dark matter world?

A. Ask the guys making all of the crop circles.  They seem to be trying to explain orbiting dark matter and dark energy to us but we are too stupid to listen and we just use the pictures as screen savers.  We humans would not know dark matter if it hit us on the head, which appears to be quite often.

Q. So this will make us younger.

A. Well, as far as I can tell time slows down, but so do you.  The beta decay and LENR occurring near the orbital point of dark matter appears to stop biological processes as well as time. You become entropy.  Which is generally not a good thing for biological processes.

Q.  Are you crazy?

A. Quite possibly.  I would prefer it to be a fountain of youth vs. a sinkhole of youth.

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