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Carl, I Think They are Ahead of Us and Close by…

October 25, 2012

Since dark matter and energy are the most prevalent and stable forms of “stuff” in the universe, I believe that is where we will find the higher intelligence. We need to consider how they would communicate. Dark Matter has mass, angular momentum and charge and emits low energy Hawking radiation in our world. Their means of communication will utilize one or more of those properties. Their low energy radiation may be a communication problem for long distances…

These are NOT DRUNKEN ENGLISHMEN creating the circles.  The stalks are bent at their “knuckles” from some type of radiation – Hawking radiation due to the charge of the particles according to my model.  Many of the crops are spun into circles – angular momentum according to my model.  Read the research here.

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  1. mtpokit permalink

    The circle image @ 3:33 in the second video looks to me like an antique music box disc. Hmmm.

  2. mtpokit permalink

    Our “words” aren’t the only interpretation. Put it to music and let’s hear what it “sounds” like. Maybe an intergalactic symphony.

    • Did you see my last post? Imagine particles whipping by that sattelite @ hundreds or thousands of miles per second, orbiting and swirling around each other. All radiating EMF at a range of frequencies. That is your music. I am focusing on the high notes… Big black holes are cosmic woofers, our weather is triggered primarily by mid range (hurricanes, earthquakes) the high end tweeters (rainbows and thunderstorms).
      Just my take on it.

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