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The Two Types of Hurricanes

October 28, 2012

Even though Sandy has entered slightly cooler waters, her eye pressure is down to 950 mB, indicating she is extremely well organized.  According to my model, what makes her so very lethal is  those massive quantum particles of entropy orbiting up through the center, keeping that pinwheel eye and energy focused.  The particles are the organizer, while they might be weakly interacting otherwise, their enormous mass and entropic collapse and cooling of the atmospheric gasses along with their high velocity are a potent combination.  She will gravitationally lift the ocean water as she screams toward shore.  If my model is correct, those particles will stay with her until she gets up into the Lake Erie area near Albion/Rochester, NY with plenty of energy to spawn tornadoes all the way along the path.

After she passes the Lake Erie area she will begin to unwind her energy.  She will no longer have those particles orbiting through the eye to keep her focused. Expect some low level seismic activity to continue in the area for possibly a few months after as the particles orbits their way underground.

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