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The Day New York/New Jersey was Hit by an Orbiting Micro Black Hole

October 29, 2012

If you guys look at my graphic, doesn’t it seem strange to everyone that Sandy is taking almost a 90 degree left turn into New Jersey and New York and then is predicted to do a 90 degree right turn after reaching the Lake Erie area. Why would she do this when the ocean currents and wind shear is trying to take her out to sea like Rafael just a couple of weeks ago? My model tells you why. Sandy is locked into an orbital path which HAS to take her to the upstate New York region. When the particle’s decaying orbit brings her out of the ocean onto stable ground her path will straighten and more resemble a tornado’s path since the two are really the same breed of animal.

Since Tropical Storm Rafael’s particle orbited into the ground near San Juan, Puerto Rico, after that Rafael could no longer muster the energy to turn against ocean and atmospheric currents and was simply blown out to sea and wound down slowly. Sandy is going to pack a BIG PUNCH through the entire States of New Jersey and New York where her eye passes. Even without all the water she has condensed she would probably be an F5 tornado over land. GET OUT OF HER WAY.

At this point, nothing the universe can throw at her, short of a collision with another dark matter particle/particles of similar mass, which would lead to annihilation, will stop her.

Just calling it the way I see it.

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