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The Day Dark Matter Tore the Earth a New……..Moon

October 29, 2012

I seem to have lots of thoughts rolling out of the vacuum these days, must be lots of antiparticles available for dark matter so that my thoughts can materialize.  I am hoping if you are reading this and completely think I am nuts and are a disbeliever that you are at least entertained.  If not that is why they created the browser back button.

The moon is made of the same matter as the Earth, that is a well known fact.  No strange material left from massive asteroids has been discovered.  So here we go. The year was 14.5 billion B.C.  The Earth was tooling right along on its orbit through the Solar System as it always had.  Unfortunately for the Earth, an outside visitor (let’s call him “moon particle”) was approaching Earth at an ungodly dark energetic speed of over 500 miles/sec.  It might be much faster, but quite honestly I am still working on my hurricane orbital model…  It just so happened that their orbits crossed paths at exactly the right (wrong?) time. The dark matter actually imploded the Earth at the point of impact and left a semi-circular massive dark impact wound, sort of like that one the size of the Pacific Ocean that “Comet” Shoemaker-Levy left on Jupiter.

Scenario 1) As the relatively massive black hole exited the Earth at or near the antipode location on the opposite side of Earth, it gravitationally pulled with it approx. 8x10e22 kg of Earthen matter into space with it. The black hole itself was entirely unphased by the whole matter and continued on its way, most likely back out of the solar system.  Over a period of time, most of that matter, but not all, gravitationally collected in orbit around the Earth to form the Moon as we know it today.  I am sure it was a pretty awesome show if you were hanging out on Earth at the time.  In this scenario the dark matter particle was much more massive than that of Earth.

Scenario 2) Now that I think about it that seems like a hell of alot of matter to gravitationally suck out of the earth all at once.  The other scenario is that the Earth locked into orbit with one of these big guys for tens of thousands of orbits and it gravitationally pulled a bit of matter at a time into orbit.  To an observer it might look like a huge tornado reaching into the upper atmosphere, sounds more plausible but just as strange.  In this scenario the particle was less massive than Earth and entered into an elliptical orbit with the Earth which took it out of the Atmosphere so that it could deposit it’s dust trail sucked up from the planet.  One big ass tornado.

I am not completely sure the effect on biology, but at this point I will assume it was BAD.  Anytime large amounts of dark matter gets locked into Earth orbit it can cause extensive damage over time.  If you read my earlier post on hitching a ride out into the galaxy, that scenario 1 “moon particle” would be a good candidate.

Thankfully, if you are alive today, we have the gift of a beautiful moon to train our telescopes on, land astronauts on and make nice screensavers.

Copyright 2012 Stewart D. Simonson
All Rights Reserved

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