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The Lasso Effect

October 29, 2012

So as I am looking at the doppler radar on Google Earth for Sandy “Particle”, I think I see the doppler radar actually picking up the intense low pressure trough/path of the weakly interacting massive particle (MICRO BLACK HOLE since it is almost Halloween) as it sweeps out of the ocean and up to Lake Erie.  It appears to be weakly interacting with the massive amounts of water it is whipping around due to gravity and its angular momentum.  I guess maybe to the particle itself it doesn’t seem like it is rotating that fast due to the “slow river of time” near its surface, but to us earthlings holy crap is that thing spinning fast!  If you follow the intense line of storms you will see that they are leading right up there to Lake Erie where the massive sinkholes sprung a leak in the Erie Canal around July and the target point I chose 5 days ago.  Do not get in the path of that particle, it is likely to implode you or any small aircraft that might be brave enough to venture near that low pressure trough.  I am working on my orbital model and I can see that it needs to act like the Lone Ranger’s Lasso as he is whipping it around to catch that bad guy.  I guess that is the same effect witnessed with many waterspouts.

The pressure is down to 946 mB in the center of the eye, this storm is going to do MASSIVE DAMAGE in the path of that eye.  I would LEAVE THE CITIES if you are anywhere near the center of this storm.  You are not even safe inside a building if that particle orbits through.


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