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On Sandy’s Big Day the Particles Orbited Up to Play

November 2, 2012

Let’s assume that Sandy was a massive particle that acted like a string that could create a hurricane and disguise herself as a rainbow while disappearing into a sinkhole to create an earthquake… You still with me?  Let’s suppose Sandy gravitationally attracted all of her orbiting particle friends to a “LET’S TEAR UP NEW JERSEY AND NEW YORK” Halloween BASH.  Now what do you suppose that would look like? Might some of the humans that were rudely invited to this party take some pictures or video of the ghoulish event?

This picture was taken in the sky over New York prior to the storm arriving.  I see some very strong similarities to vibrational and interaction modes of strings in these photos.

I can visually see in my mind that if multiple of these particles are orbiting in “closed strings” all around each other and the center of mass of the Earth but basically ignoring that ordinary matter such as people, buildings, cars, etc. exist that they might align themselves with a massive particle such as Sandy.  I can visually see that their elliptical orbits through the Earth might re-orient themselves in alignment with the massive orbiting Sandy particle.  She might actually stretch their orbit into a more elongated pattern.  Depending upon their relative speeds and mass I can see how you could get particles interacting with each other as predicted by string theory.

I can see how a particle just passing by in an “open string” configuration might interact with those closed strings.  I can see how some of these smaller particles, travelling at relativistic speeds are actually bending light along their path and glowing white in the sky as you see in the photos.  Some of them, if they are massive enough, will collapse some of the gasses and freeze moisture in the air to make ice prisms and rainbows.

I can see how after Sandy moved through that these particles might re-orient themselves and slowly continue to orbit back underground, their ellipticle arc may change shape after it is no longer affected by the other particles.

Can you guys see that?

So these “energetic particles” are the “strings” that help hold this universe together, all the while having their way with regular matter.

Am I just opening my eyes?

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  1. Sue Kaufman permalink

    So String Theory is describing helical strings then? Because of the rifling nature of the particle, each string is wound up. You describe some of them as lying down coiled, having ingested the matter that can no longer be accounted for in our own dimension. Is it all coiled strings?

    • Sue,

      I am not a string theory expert but from my observations these energetic particles form orbital coils and interact with each other. They accelerate and the faster/more relativistic ones appear to accelerate and can form what we see as rainbows, a positive feedback loop, where they lock into a very precise orbit. I believe the particles creating the strings also align and annihilate each other over time, releasing cosmic rays we call our corona. This would also explain why some comets striking the sun coincidently trigger CMEs/Solar Flares since the sun has a dark matter nucleus. Also why a large CME/solar flare triggers a large corona on Earth. It is not all incoming interaction, the Earth is generating cosmic rays at her core.

      Once you believe, it makes it all very simple & obvious. We humans have developed our sciences around observable ordinary matter when in fact dark matter is the real game in town…

      You can bet no global warming models take this annihilation energy into account, nor the energy lost as they convert ordinary matter to entropy through collapse and a high concentration throws us into a prolonged cooling cycle.


    • Looking back, I realize I never completely answered your question. The ordinary matter is converted to what is called entropy and collapsed into the six or seven extra dimensions of space curled up in that particle orbiting in that string, removed from our 3 dimensions

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