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It is just a feeling in my GUT…

November 4, 2012

From Superstring Theory:

“When physicists look for a mass scale where the three known running coupling constants run into a single value necessary for a Grand Unified Theory, they find a very high mass scale of

This mass scale is far too high to be reached by particle accelerators in the near or distant future.
But there is a way to test Grand Unified Theories without probing that mass scale directly. The weak interaction was discovered because of beta decay, where a neutron decays into a proton, and electron and a neutrino. In a Grand Unified Theory, something like beta decay can happen to a proton. Even a small rate of proton decay would be disastrous and very noticeable because the stability of the proton is the basis for the stability of all known matter in the Universe. So far, no evidence(??) of proton decay has been observed in experiments set up to detect it.”

Beta Decay has also been witnessed over and over and over and… in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) or Cold Fusion and is behind the production of Deuterium on Comets…  So I end with…

IS THIS SINKHOLE DISASTROUS AND NOTICEABLE ENOUGH?  HOW ABOUT THE HURRICANE WHERE THE MASSIVE PARTICLE IS ORBITING OUT, IS THAT DISASTROUS AND NOTICEABLE ENOUGH?  You are witnessing the Earth as a particle collider with massive dark matter particles and unfortunately we lose every time…


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