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Dark Matter & M Theory: The Ties That Bind

November 5, 2012

“Everything Should be Made as Simple as Possible, Not Simpler”
Albert Einstein

So from a farm boy’s perspective, I have tried to prove/show that the strings holding this universe together are comprised of dark matter particles which are orbiting both through and around this universe, galaxy, our solar system, our Earth, you and I in an entire range of sub-relativistic to relativistic velocities with a range of different masses.  Many of the large particles come into our solar system disguised as comets(clumped dark matter particles), some of which orbit/pass through our solar system(open strings) and some take up orbit around the sun (closed strings) as well as Jupiter and possibly a few other planets.  As a comet’s nuclei breaks up you are witnessing string interaction where a clump of dark matter breaks into multiple strings that orbit through and around all of the matter/planets/sun in our solar system.  The sun also sends these particles towards Earth during high solar activity and they orbit into and around us, creating the weather and other high energy Earthly events from primarily closed strings.  Since they are weakly interacting, they do their damage over time with multiple orbits.

The larger particles orbiting in strings with the sun impact the sun’s orbit within our galaxy. Typically, the smaller particles orbit around and through the Earth in closed strings, creating our weather as well as triggering Earthly events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, low pressure systems, volcanoes, sinkholes, landslides, etc. and also can do bad things to biology such as fish kills, bird kills and probably some ill-health and premature aging in humans.  The larger the particle that strikes or enters into orbit with the Earth the more damage that can be done to Earthen matter through collapse and LENR reactions.  Jupiter appears to protect us from much of the large dark matter strikes as witnessed with Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.

For me, the light came on in my mind when I realized dark matter particles can actually orbit THROUGH regular matter, not just around it due to their weak interactions.  The proof to me that strings are comprised of dark matter particles is the fact that the particles are triggering Beta Decays and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs) at the locations they are orbiting into the Earth and “boring” out large sinkholes at times, which is predicted.  The massive particles are also creating an accretion disk in the atmosphere where they are orbiting up and out of the Earth, which we know as hurricanes, tornadoes, waterspouts, etc.  The smaller particles just appear to be creating rainbows and halos and smaller thunderstorms, etc.  Wherever you see large swirls on the weather maps I believe you will find a relatively massive dark matter particle(s) orbiting up and out of the Earth that at some point organized that low pressure system.

When I started this blog, I really did not know where this was headed, but there you are.  Since I am an engineer and not a physicist I try to explain things simply so that I can understand and make sense of them. Maybe others already new/know much of this and I am just figuring it out, I do not know.

The interaction between dark matter and regular matter is adding some “randomness” to the paths of the particles, witnessed by the unpredictable path of comets.   The LENR induced reactions with all matter they pass through also triggers changes in momentum. The interactions of strings within and around the Earth also appears to add variability to our weather witnessed by the multiple particles that orbited near New York, attracted to Hurricane Sandy Particle and appeared as halos and rainbows in the sky.  Matter appears to be collapsing to dark matter through this process, as well as triggering LENR and Beta Decays, transmuting regular matter.  It also appears that these particles become more energetic as they collapse more matter.  These two factors are probably influencing the expansion rate of the universe.  I also believe the glow of comets, which I believe is Hawking radiation and Beta Decay emissions is most likely seeding the universe with new matter/particles after taking in antiparticles from the vacuum as predicted.  One would have to figure out which is a faster process, my assumption right now is that matter is collapsing faster to dark matter than vice-versa, although it may be an ongoing Mandlebrot spiral.

In my mind, there are primarily two types of uncertainty in this world, that which is triggered from these dark matter particles orbiting around and through us and the other is that triggered/inflicted by humans.  Hopefully I have helped to identify and give us a means of reducing and taking advantage of the first, I would not dare tackle the second.

While this all has to be proven out, it feels very right to me based upon my observations and preliminary calculations. Hopefully my research will help others make more sense of our world and help humans open our eyes…


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