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Black is Beautiful

November 6, 2012

Those of you that read my blogsearch (that is my new name for just-in-time research immediately placed on a blog) realize that my mind works based upon one part research/one part creativity. That is who I am.  So I wake up again last night and I am thinking about the universe being only 4.6% ordinary matter-energy – don’t you do that? That means if I look around me 95.4 % of what I see should be dark matter-energy (if I could see it). But here is what I do see that is very strange…

The largest planets in our solar system are the gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Giant balls of gas floating in space. WHAT? Why would balls of gas just float in space? Gas should disperse in space (I am a Chemical Engineer, I know these things). Our dense metal & rock planet Earth gravitationally maintains only a very thin atmosphere of gas that we are doing our best to pollute.

Now as I think about it, all of of my Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) studies have led me to believe that dark matter can be created from the collapse of ordinary matter given high enough gravitational pull, collision energies, void restrictions, stellar collapse, etc. My research also tells me that dark matter should trigger weak interaction or beta decays with regular matter, where a neutron decays into a proton, an electron and a neutrino.  When a proton and an electron get together it is like, well Adam and Eve and they can produce Hydrogen. A proton-proton chain reaction from a nuclear furnace can produce Helium.

So now, If I look at these gas giants what do I see?  Well Jupiter, our protector, is 89.8% Hydrogen/10.2% Helium and has a small accretion disk.

Saturn is 96% Hydrogen/3% Helium and has an large accretion disk(rings) – I thought only BLACK HOLES HAD THOSE?

Uranus is 83% Hydrogen/15% Helium and has a small accretion disk

Neptune is 80% Hydrogen/19% Helium and has a small accretion disk

I am going to reserve Pluto for another post.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE ARE SURROUNDED BY 4 relatively MASSIVE BLACK HOLES (for our solar system) that produce their own Hydrogen through beta decay interaction with regular matter and emit Hawking radiation. Their nuclear furnace can trigger proton-proton chain reactions producing Helium. Their gravitational pull keeps the gas cloud in a sphere around them.

Just the way I see it.


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