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November 11, 2012

I have a gut feeling it might be more severe, I have no way of knowing.

DEFCON 3:  Increase in readiness above that required for normal readiness.  Mobilize in 15 Minutes. Code Yellow

In case I am correct about Comets and the uncertainty they deliver, this is what COULD HAPPEN in a worst case scenario based upon my understanding of science and I want to let everyone know. If it just so came to be, at least one could prepare as best they can or at least understand what is happening.

If the present incoming Comets are much more massive than everyone believes and they break up due to the fact they are clumps of ultra-dense collapsed dark matter pulling behind them a trail of dark matter and asteroids, etc. expect a protracted period of CALAMITY in the inner solar system.

Although I have always been partially oblivious to crop circles, I believe those that showed up in August of this year are letting us know that Mercury, Venus and Earth may bear the brunt. The “serpents” depicted are Comets and their tales impacting each of the three planets. Just what impacting implies I am not sure but can conjecture…

1) Comet nuclei may break off and establish separate orbits around the sun and inner planets as the comet approaches, as did Shoemaker-Levy.  Individual nuclei will have their own comas, filling the sky with light(photons), charged particles; electrons, protons and neutrinos. One hell of a light show.

2) Asteroids pulled gravitationally behind and within the dust cloud tails of massive comets will break off and orbit into planets, triggering tsunamis and earthquakes.

3) Comet nuclei that orbit through and around Earth may disrupt/destroy all electronic devices due to the charged particles they fill the skies with. They may orbit for months or years.

4)  Nuclei will orbit through and around the Earth, triggering earthquakes, volcanism, extreme low pressure events such as hurricanes and massive snow storms.

5)  The Earth will quickly heat from the asteroid impacts to matter and then begin a period of protracted cooling as the orbiting dark matter particles collapse and condense all of the heat in the atmosphere. Possibly heading toward another ice age or at least a new, lower set-point.

6) If the individual comet Nuclei are massive enough to orbit the sun they will cause the orbital strings of existing dark matter orbiting the sun  to elongate in their orbits and cause the gas cloud of hydrogen around the sun to expand outwards due to the gravitational pull of all the dark matter particles and towards the inner planets. SEVERE SOLAR STORMS wiping out electronics/communications will most likely entail.

7) After a year or two of extreme upsets on the Earth as the remaining comet nuclei head back to outer space or decay in orbit expect the temperatures on Earth to drop, unless the sun’s intensity covers a wider volume of space, I am not sure.  The temperature on Jupiter dropped below normal a few weeks after impact.

8) The inner solar system will enter a NEW NORMAL, whatever in hell that means.

The crop circle pictured above appears to show us a new normal for the sun, which is much larger than before.  Mercury and Venus have been consumed and Earth becomes the new Mercury, much closer in than before.  Earth and Mars will have aged quickly.  It may be time for the the adolescent, Jupiter and the children Saturn, Uranus and Neptune to have their time in the sun.

I am just trying to share what I know and think I understand. Of course I may be wrong. It might just be a great light show. Plan for the worst, expect the best.  Decide for yourself

The crop circle above from the end of this year reminds us that life will go on forever in this endless do loop of the universe and we should take solace in that.  If you look at a Mandlebrot set it appears that our ordinary material world lies in that 4.7% frill of the the universe that is just the evaporative crust of dark matter triggering Beta Decay in its material surroundings. We appear to live in the icing on the dark cake, so to speak.  Like all icing it tends to melt, crack and flake off, but it is also what makes the cake beautiful and they know that and are trying to let us know.


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