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New York/New Jersey Sky Before Hurricane Sandy…In a July 2012 Crop Circle??

November 11, 2012

I started my research with collapsed matter particles (quantum micro black holes) a year ago while studying LENR/Cold Fusion, which is possibly creating dark matter particles from collapsed atomic Hydrogen which are then triggering Nuclear Beta Decays, Fission and Fusion in their surroundings, releasing anomalous heat. This took me to Weakly Interacting Massive Particles that orbit through and around the Earth, triggering Beta Decay in ordinary matter creating seismic activity, sinkholes, earthquakes and extreme low pressure systems in the atmosphere along their orbital path. This led me to the sun, which I believe is colliding Hydrogen and collapsing ordinary matter into these particles and pelting the Earth with these massive entropic particles during solar storms.

This led me to Comets which I believe are also delivering these massive particles to the sun from beyond our solar system. This led me to realize that this whole place is crawling with open and closed strings of dark matter particles of all energies orbiting around and through ordinary matter and other particles and that we are just the frosting on the dark matter cake that is located at the center of our planets and sun. Which led me to CROP CIRCLES THAT IN JULY 2012  ACCURATELY PREDICTED ALL THE PARTICLES ORBITING IN THE SKY OVER NEW YORK 3 MONTHS PRIOR TO HURRICANE SANDY’S ARRIVAL. THIS WAS TWO AND A HALF MONTHS BEFORE I PREDICTED IT SO I KNOW THEY ARE INTELLIGENT…My model shows that the orbital particles which created Hurricane Sandy entered the Earth about the time that the sinkholes opened up on the Erie Canal area in July, probably just after the massive July 2012 Coronal Mass Ejection

I pray to god for our children that we survive the comets and possible massive solar storms and dark matter particles launched at Earth during the arrival of those incoming comets and the uncertainty they deliver to our world.



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  1. Your articles and thoughts are just amazing. After I read the first one I could not stop thinking about what you had said about the dark matter particles. It all makes so much sense when you give your reasons for believing what you do. This latest article has blown my mind…its the first time a crop circle has actually had a clear meaning for me.

    You mentioned that the dark particles are being brought by comets to the sun from outside our solar system. Do you think it could be some kind of energy supply for the sun that is keeping it regulated in some way…….I mean, dark energy particles in from the comets then the dark spheres removing it from the surface of the sun?

    I have no idea what makes me think this, I am an absolute amateur with no scientific training beyond that which I pick up from reading articles like yours. I love space and weather sites online as they satisfy my endless thirst for knowledge and ideas.

    Thank you so much for your work
    God bless you and your family.

    Janet Darbey

    • Janet,

      Thanks. Yes I do believe the comets are supplying dark matter particles which do “regulate” the suns activity. The particles orbit around the sun’s dark matter nucleus. They can trigger Coronal Mass Ejections. These are the particle strings that hold this universe together as described in M Theory. Unfortunately if we take away comets and uncertainty we take away our weather. There needs to be a happy medium… With possibly TWO or THREE great comets on the way for next year I think we are in for the “Big Chill” after which we will slowly warm again for the next few hundred years. CO2 will NOT be our biggest problem after next year according to my research, we could probably use more of it…


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