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Don’t P!$$ Down My Back and Tell Me it’s Raining

November 12, 2012

The Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) shown on the NASA video here was purely a coincidence that happened at the same time the Comet shown entered the sun. There is NO WAY according to NASA that a ball of SNOW and ICE could create a massive coronal ejection like that seen on this video. And you know what, THEY ARE RIGHT. There is NO WAY at least in my known universe that a ball of snow and ice could penetrate the coronal atmosphere of the sun @ 5700 degrees Kelvin and explode out the OTHER side of the sun. I am glad they are right, I am going to sleep much better at night.

They are also right that the other massive CMEs they mention that occurred prior to the “big bang” shown on the video could not have been created by other balls of snow and ice. I am glad that those theories support each other and the world makes sense.

So in 2013, when massive CMEs coincidentally occur while Comets ISON and Pann-Starrs are bringing their Millennial delivery of massive particle strings of dark matter uncertainty to the sun and showering us with those beautiful charged protons, electrons, neutrinos, dark matter particles and asteroids just before YOUR POWER AND PHONE GO OUT, remember that it was not a dirty snowball that caused it.

Of course if you have read my research you will realize that a Comet made up of multiple massive dark matter particles (black holes) COULD do what you see in the video. This is because my model shows that both the sun’s nucleus and that of a comet are the same, made of dark matter.  And when two dark matter particles collide, they annihilate. A comet can also create all of those earlier CMEs mentioned by NASA as multiple Comet nuclei split up and are annihilated by the sun’s dark matter nucleus. Coincidentally, if you look at the elliptical arc of those CMEs in the picture above, I would swear they look a lot like my elliptical arcs of massive particles triggering Hurricanes, Rainbows, Earthquakes, etc. on the Earth. You don’t suppose the Sun, which I have already told you has a massive black hole at its center, is swarming with orbiting black flies (smaller black holes) too? All of them orbiting in multiple closed strings around the sun’s black hole nucleus? The smaller orbiting particles can’t wait to be released in a CME to visit Earth and a neighborhood near you…

Either explanation makes sense. Either you go with NASA’s double negative of what it is not or you go with my double positive. The result is the same, Earth gets pelted with a massive CME and you might have to hide in a cave until it is over.

It all reminds me of one of my favorite Clint Eastwood Western movies, The Outlaw Josie Wales. You can watch the video here and make up your own mind…

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