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November 12, 2012

Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)

Below are my thoughts based upon observations of the multiple orbiting particles orienting & interacting in closed orbit strings all around the larger particle known as Sandy prior to reaching New Jersey/New York

1)  Because we have at least two potential “Great Comets” inbound for 2013 this tells me there may actually be some interaction between their two orbits, ie. they are near the intersecting points on a Feynman Diagram of two or more closed string particle orbits including the sun’s orbit (a third massive orbiting particle in my model).  Like we saw what happens when the multiple orbiting particles focused their combined energies on the New Jersey/New York area, we might expect some similar interactions to occur near our inner solar system in 2013.  We may end up with some fairly massive particles in multiple interacting orbital strings.  Since these are massive particles, let’s call their paths CHAINS, which may pack a bigger punch if you are unlucky enough to be in the path of one.

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Breakup

2)  After looking at the elliptical Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) curves for the sun, I am convinced that if these Comets contain multiple massive particles, which they most likely will, you will see the sun’s CME elliptical curves gravitationally stretch out from the sun and interact with the Comet’s particles, effectively widening the sun’s radius.

“Ice Halos”

3)  Based upon climate upsets and temperature drops subsequent to the 1680 & 1811 Great Comet visits, I would expect an even bigger chill on Earth with two or three approaching   Our concerns with global warming may be a thing of the past as I see comets as the “Great Condensers” of matter.

This may be a true cosmic event that Aliens on other planets will see as flashes in their telescopes and gaze in amazement…

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