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The Two Fields of Battle

November 14, 2012

Many times the battle is won or lost before it begins. There are really two battles in any event, that which unfolds on the field and that which you cannot see which plays out behind the scenes before, during and after. If you were planning a battle you would slip in many of your stealthy most massive dark matter particle troops ahead of time, even before the battle was evident. To the enemy, in this case us earthlings, the only evidence of the stealthy particle infiltration may be a very gradual beta decay collapse of Earth forming sinkholes, like the one that just opened up in Windmere, Fl or potentially the one that recently opened up in Tulsa, OK. These are subtle evidence of extreme weather events to follow in the near future, it may be days, weeks and/or months depending upon the momentum. It may also be an undetected weakness forming on a fault line somewhere on Earth as the stealthy orbiting particle gradually and persistently weakens matter via Beta Decay over the period of months.

Of course, every good army will also plant moles underground, which may be in place for months and/or years ahead of time. They will be waiting to act when the larger battle on the field begins, like you witnessed with the multiple particle troops that orbited up to aid Sandy particle in the onslaught of New Jersey and New York. Also, after a skirmish, such as the attack of Hurricane Isaac on the massive sinkhole at Bayou Corne, the stealthy particle  may go underground and continue to do its damage , like the continuing onslaught of the salt dome at Bayou Corne, the underground bunker explosion in Camp Minden, or the NEW EXPLOSION THAT JUST HAPPENED, as well as the massive Earthquake in Massett, CA, all in an orbital line of the particle. Luckily it appears to be just missing the Caldera in Wyoming.

When the real battle begins, and the great comets bring their massive gravitational pull to the inner solar system, along with possibly hundreds, thousands or more dark matter particles and asteroids creating chains, ropes, rainbows and piano wire, they will slice and dice ordinary matter in their path, knocking off protons, electrons and creating neutrinos, doing damage to all matter in their paths, including DNA. Existing orbital particles will rise up and align themselves in deference to the Comet kings of massive particles, ready to re-inflict damage to the Earth’s surface, this may include the 36 recent massive particles just in the Western Hemisphere that have hunkered down in underground orbits, not yet annihilated from other particle collisions.

Uncertainty magnified, certainly.


Copyright 2012 Stewart D. Simonson
All Rights Reserved

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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