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A Dog Knows

November 23, 2012

I apologize if this makes you dizzy, I had to do it to get my point across…Ok, so you have all been pulling out your Astronomy 101 books or Googling “2-Body Kepler Orbits” and you have looked up the typical speeds of solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and you will see they range in speeds from 20km/s to 3200km/s with an average speed of 489km/s.  A pretty wide range but VERY FAST.  You will also see that their average mass is 1.6×1012kg, that is 160000000000 kg of stuff thrown at us during the AVERAGE CME. This all fits well within the reaches of my conclusions.

You plug that into your favorite orbital program and you first notice that 1) You cannot model it because the particle either crashes into or bounces off Earth and the simulation ends.  So you then switch and model Earth as a black hole (which it is/was at the center anyway) and you orbit your CME particle (micro black hole) in an elliptical orbit inside what would be the Earth’s radius and back out. You then notice that for the massive particles they do not seem to orbit fast enough to do what I am saying.  And then you look at your dog running in circles and chasing his tail and it all becomes much clearer.

God’s particle has some very special properties. First off, it generates an ion tail. This is a result of the Beta Decay and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions it is triggering with anything in its path.  Since this particle is just an orbital ball of entropy, as it changes entropy in the cold of space, it accelerates, you can read about this in Eric Verlinde’s paper on Arxiv.

This is creating a concentrated stream of charged ions and particles of protons, electrons, neutrons, positrons, neutrinos, anti-neutrinos  etc., a cosmic ion goo trail in its path.  A Comet’s nucleus particle trail can be MILLIONS of miles long.  The circumference of the Earth is only 24,901 miles (40,075 km), a very short distance for our orbital particle to lay down an ion racetrack during his early orbits.

As I mentioned previously our particle is very “energetic”. If you feed him with a stream of concentrated mass-energy on his top end, he tears it up and spits it out his ass end at relativistic speeds, his ion tail. This ion tail is also focused opposite of the incoming stream to balance his tight thermodynamic surface. So instantly we are off to the races. Our particle has a path laid down of concentrated charged particles to feed his ion engine thrusters. He follows that trail with each orbit because his ion thruster cruise control keeps him locked on that charged path. He even GAINS SPEED, like your dog, as he enters the mass-energy rich environment. Unlike your dog, he never tires unless he runs out of matter and ions to fuel his engine or if he interacts with other orbiting closed string particles and slowly annihilates himself or maybe has a bad particle crash and goes spinning back out to space adding to our wonderful cosmic auroras or weird UFO stuff we can blame on the Russians…

You all see that blue glow in the photo? That is not a rocket contrail. That is what is known as Cherenkov radiation:

Cherenkov radiation (also spelled Čerenkov) is electromagnetic radiation emitted when a charged particle (such as an electron) passes through a dielectric medium at a speed greater than the phase velocity of light in that medium

This charged particle ion trail also accounts for the electrical currents seen in the Earth before during and after Earthquakes and the atmospheric effects during large storms. Like the positive feedback loop when you get your microphone too close to your speaker, our particle feeds himself.

Where can I get me one of those ion engines…


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