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Dark Matter Killed the Caveman?

November 25, 2012

So I almost agree with the following research/article “Diamonds tell tale of comet that killed off the cavemen”  from a few years ago.

“Scientists will outline dramatic evidence this week that suggests (1) a comet exploded over the Earth nearly 13,000 years ago, creating a hail of fireballs that set fire to most of the northern hemisphere. Primitive Stone Age cultures were destroyed and populations of mammoths and other large land animals, such as the mastodon, were wiped out. The blast also caused a major bout of climatic cooling that lasted 1,000 years and seriously disrupted the development of the early human civilizations that were emerging in Europe and Asia…

The theory is to be outlined at the American Geophysical Union meeting in Acapulco, Mexico. A group of US scientists that include West will report that they have found a (2)layer of microscopic diamonds at (1) 26 different sites in Europe, Canada and America. These are the remains of a giant carbon-rich comet that crashed in pieces on our planet 12,900 years ago, they say. The huge pressures and heat triggered by the fragments crashing to (2)Earth turned the comet’s carbon into diamond dust. ‘The shock waves and the (3)heat would have been tremendous,’ said West. ‘It would have set fire to animals’ fur and to the clothing worn by men and women. (3)The searing heat would have also set fire to the grasslands of the northern hemisphere. Great grazing animals like the mammoth that had survived the original blast would later have died in their thousands from starvation. Only animals, including humans, that had a wide range of food would have survived the aftermath.”

Now let me comment/correct just a few things that I have highlighted based upon our new, correct image of our dark matter world.

1) I believe the comet broke up into 26 different dark matter/black hole nuclei, just like Shoemaker-Levy gave Jupiter approx. 20 beautiful dark craters, one the size of the Pacific Ocean.

2) Hey I thought NASA said a comet was mostly snow and ice? Now it is made of Carbon?  Actually the diamonds would be created at the spot the massive dark matter nuclei orbited into the Earth and transmuted the existing carbon in the ground under intense pressures and temperatures near its nuclear surface.  It would have done this gradually during the period of tens of thousands of orbits over months.

3) First they said it was an ice age and now they burned up? OK so here is what happened. Those 26 Nuclei broke up and orbited through the Earth in separate locations.  If they had a large layer of crust of transmuted material around them then yes that would burn off & possibly explode first and might definitely spoil somebodies campfire.  But the real damage would be created from the orbital dark matter which would orbit for months at each location, think of 20 New Madrid Earthquakes all happening for months on end and at the same time the dark matter nuclei orbiting up through the oceans and Earth creating massive low pressure systems including monster hurricanes and monster tornadoes. New Madrid was followed by 7 years of cooling/crop failures. 13,000 years ago 26  nuclei created a little ice age that lasted a 1000 years. As I have said before, orbital dark matter can suck all of the energy right out of the atmosphere, condensing all of the moisture, initially flooding areas below while at the same time sending the Earth spiraling into a deep Freeze for centuries, resulting in massive crop failures.

It could easily happen again.  This is the weak anthropic principle at work:

My Expanded Version:  Our area of the universe supports carbon based life when the concentration of dark/vacuum energy stays within a tolerable range, too high and we get ice ages, beta decay radiation, massive flooding, massive hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and massive die-offs of carbon-based life.  Too low and we do not get enough weather and rain and we die of boredom…

We appear to oscillate between the two extremes based upon comets and their delivery of strings made up of weather, earthquake, tornado, volcano and uncertainty pills.  CO2 levels are just window dressing.  If one of those three comet and their multiple nuclei were to strike Earth or the Sun next year and send massive amounts of orbital dark matter our way we might need all of the CO2 we can get.


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