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Big Questions, BIG ANSWERS, Question 2, 2 Parts

November 25, 2012

Question 2 The nature of Solar Flares

Areas on the Sun near sunspots often flare up, heating material to millions of degrees in just seconds and blasting billions of tons of material into space. 2A)The precise causes of solar flares and coronal mass ejections is another one of the great solar mysteries. Here again, we now know many details about these explosive events and we understand the basic mechanisms, but many details are missing. We still cannot reliably predict when and where a flare will occur or how big it will be. 2B)This problem is a little like trying to predict tornadoes.

Q2A: Answer:  As I have already said before, the sun has a dark matter nucleus, a massive black hole at the center.  Through +/- Beta Decays and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), it is producing its own hydrogen as well as collecting it from from comets and other cosmic delivery objects(CDO – made that up). It just so happens that the sun’s black hole particle is massive enough to trigger a large amount of fusion in its surrounding hydrogen atmosphere and thus bring us warmth. She may also be collapsing additional matter on her own, I am not sure but I have a hunch. Otherwise it would just be another planet like the rest.  Solar flares are triggered by particle interactions and collisions by other orbiting dark matter particles, including incoming comet nuclei, as well as any possible regular matter bodies the sun has a chance to swallow up. Comet Loveyjoy(dirty snow and iceball NOT) passed through the sun’s hydrogen envelope as I have said before and survived.

 The comet below was not so lucky.  If Earth happens to be in the orbital path of that massive CME discharge we are in trouble. Next year we are at HIGH RISK with two large, unstable comets approaching at close solar orbit if nuclei happen to break apart in the inner solar system in strange orbits.

Q2B: Answer: NASA is correct, it is exactly like tracking tornadoes since they are created form the same orbiting particles.  As I said before, track the tornado particle’s orbital low frequency signature and orbital trajectory into/out of Earth and you can predict his path, at least better than we do now, which is RUN when you see one. Actually Doppler radar is pretty good while it is happening to tell you WHEN TO RUN. Application of my theory might give you a few days warning that a particle is orbiting nearby and might spawn a tornado. It seems tornado particles orbit into the Earth faster than hurricane particles due to their momentum.


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