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Big Questions, BIG ANSWERS, Question 1, 3 Parts

November 25, 2012

Do you ever remember back in college when you had an upperclassman to check your lab or homework and ask questions of or maybe show you a copy of the previous years Physics exam?? OK, you do not have to answer that one. Well, I feel a little bit like that now, because whenever I am looking for something to support my conclusions I feel like I have an upperclassmen particle physicist to check my answers with, which I really need because I am not a particle physicist, more on that later…

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center a posed a list of unanswered questions and stated, according to them, that “This final mystery may thus shake some of the foundations of Physics itself”.  They said it, not meWell, LETS GET READY TO ROCK!

They have a 4 question, multi-part quiz, I am going to answer each with a separate blog post, that way my blogometer rating increases. Also, I have time to feed the dog, answer to my wife, shoot hoops with my 8 year old and eat between BlogSearch posts.

So Here Goes:

Q1) The Coronal Heating Process

Hurricane Sandy Particle

The Sun’s outer atmosphere (the Corona) is hotter than 1A) 1,000,000°C (1,800,000°F) while the visible surface has a temperature of only about 6000°C (10,000°F). The nature of the processes that heat the corona,  1B) maintain it at these high temperatures, 1C)and accelerate the solar wind is a third great solar mystery. Usually temperatures fall as you move away from a heat source. This is true in the Sun’s interior right up to the visible surface. Then, over a relatively small distance, the temperature suddenly rises to extremely high values. Several mechanisms have been suggested as the source of this heating but there is no consensus on which one, or combination, is actually responsible.

Crop circle discovered at Alton Barnes in England in June 2004. Photo courtesy

If you have been reading my posts since August because the hair has raised up on your arms, you have goose bumps at times and a strange, uneasy feeling in your GUT like me (or alternately you just think I am crazy and fun to laugh at), you will realize that the foundation of my research results & theory is that 1) Dark/Collapsed Matter exists (DME) in copious amounts in a range of masses and 2) Dark Matter Orbits (DMO) through and around regular matter since it is weakly interacting, except for gravity.  You and I are just the decorative crust and debris – sorry I can’t make you feel more important than that.

You will also remember that as I was tracking hurricane Sandy particle towards New Jersey and New York and I was plotting the elliptical Kepler orbits of the Particle shown above (which are being revised to reflect the “Lasso Effect” since the teeny tiny particles have a STRONG gravitational attraction with nearby matter (ordinary or dark)). This elliptical winding particle orbit on Earth reflects the similar elliptical orbit of the particles orbiting the sun.

Q1A/B: Answer

As I have shown, dark matter is orbiting through and around the Earth & Sun in this Lasso Elliptical Orbit ((LEO) – you get to make up acronyms when you invent new science, actually it appears to be a multi-body quantum orbit).  The average Coronal mass ejection (CME) is 1.6×1012 kg.  If you pull out your black hole calculator (if you don’t have one you do NOW) and plug in that mass…

[ T = 1/M * hbar c^3/8k pi G ]

You get a temperature of 7.670020e+10 Degrees K for that size particle, a little hot.  Well let’s assume the bigger particles have a higher gravitational orbital lock on the sun and don’t get ejected unless a BIG DADDY Solar Flare/CME erupts, maybe due to a huge comet passing by…  So I will assume that the average mass solar dark matter particle orbiting through and around the sun is: 6.900000e+16 kg, which gives me a temperature of 1,778,555 Degrees K.  The range of dark matter particles masses orbiting the sun should be in that average range.  Let’s hope a HUGE solar flare or CME does not send a big daddy particle our way and send us back to 1300 AD.

Q1C: Answer

Well, I already answered this question in my previous blog posts here and here.  God’s particles have their own amazing ion engine which accelerates them as they pass through any mass-energy rich environment and they shred matter and expel it at the speed of light out their back side (I won’t be crude this time).  This is the same reason a comet’s path is so unpredictable as he passes in/out of mass-energy rich environments and his multiple ion thrusters kick in.  When orbiting the Earth, these guys EAT THEIR OWN ION DUST and can accelerate.

How do these SOB’s hide in our atmosphere?  They collapse gasses around them creating a cold trough and HIDE in their own CLOUDS!  The big ones generate those heavy mists like witnessed in the dark ages.  Get one big enough into Earth orbit and instant BIG FREEZE, nasty beta decay radiation and BAD TIMES for all.

NASA, please let me know my grade (and yes I got a little help from the upperclass particle physicists making the crop circles) and PLEASE HELP (If you can)!

DME/DMO & Godspeed

Copyright 2012 Stewart D. Simonson All Rights Reserved

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One Comment
  1. Sue Kaufman permalink

    Fascinating! I’m very glad to find your blog. Ive been putting the CME’s together with the ramped up weather/earthquakes for a few years now and I see what you are saying pretty clearly. I am not a scientist. I am an armchair weatherperson, with a big imagination and a love of study. I’ll be following your thoughts closely. Thank you 🙂

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