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Reconstructing the Scene of the Accident

November 27, 2012

Sunspot AR 11476 compared to the size of Jupiter

In any accident, let’s call this one a TRAIN WRECK, it is important to go back and examine the chronology of events in order to try to understand what happened, prevent it from happening again, or at least minimize the impact of similar events in the future. While you can never be sure of the exact sequence of events, I will do my best to piece this one together. In this investigation, we will begin by leaving the bounds of our planet Earth and travel 93 million miles through space.  Although it is very hot there and we cannot go personally, we will train our NASA and Russian satellites on my favorite Dark Matter Nucleus Beta Decay and Low Energy Nuclear Reaction triggering Fusion and Fission Reactor we call our sun.

May 16th, 2012
A massive sunspot three times LARGER then the Earth had a bad spell while pointed towards Earth. Sunspots typically appear in pairs and are connected by a “Rope” of elliptical “magnetic flux tube” connecting them. As I have said before, my research tells me that rope is the elliptical orbit of weakly interacting massive dark matter particles (black holes) orbiting through the sun. The winding path or “Lasso” effect is due to the particle’s strong interactions with nearby surrounding mass-energy. The particles will weigh in the range of 1x10e12 to 1x10e14 kg and be a few million degrees C but will be just fractions of a millimeter in size.

I believe our particle physicist friends were letting us know of the sunspot by taking to the fields of Holland and giving us forewarning. Those circles look very similar to sunspot AR 11476 although I cannot be sure (as you know I have a good imagination).

What is for sure is that a solar storm was triggered which released a massive magnetic storm on Earth.  This is from Discovery:

“An enormous sunspot unleashed a powerful solar flare late Wednesday (May 16), triggering a radiation storm intense enough to interfere with some satellites orbiting Earth, space weather experts said.

The flare erupted from monster sunspot complex AR 1476, which stretches about 60,000 miles (100,000 kilometers) from end to end, at 9:47 p.m. EDT Wednesday (0147 GMT Thursday). The flare spawned a class S2 solar radiation storm around our planet, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), a branch of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration.”

Another strange occurance was reported by Space Magazine

“A moderate solar flare on May 17 lit up ground stations all over the world with an unexpected and puzzling pulse of high-energy particles. It should not have happened, and scientists are now trying to figure out why it did.”

I believe that would be our indication that Weakly Interacting Massive Energetic Particles (WIMEPs – just made that acronym up) had just orbited into our Earth and atmosphere. These small but massive buggers have their own ion tail (just like a comet nucleus) with propulsion from LENR and Beta Decay reactions with surrounding mass-energy (atmospheric gasses & Earth). There is a good research paper on “Ground Level Enhancements” here.  These massive particles should “light up” any ground based proton and neutron detectors as they accelerate into orbit and begin punishing the Earth by knocking atoms apart in their orbital path and showering the area with ionizing radiation. Once orbiting in our atmosphere, these massive orbiting particles tend to hide in what we humans call “clouds” and trigger what we call “earthquakes” and “volcanoes” and “hurricanes” and “tornadoes” and “sinkholes” and if we are NOT VERY CAREFUL NUCLEAR FISSION MELTDOWNS through beta decay destruction of any matter in their path, the denser the better, more to sink their teeth into and shoot out their tail.

A May 17th video of the large solar flare, which I believe resulted in the particle & orbit that created Hurricane Isaac and the Bayou Corne sinkhole as well as probably at least two additional hurricanes and who knows what else can be seen below:

Bayou Corne, Louisiana Summary

May 6th, 2012 Holland Crop Circle warning of sunspot

May 16th, 2012 Massive Solar Flare with Ground Level Event (Above)

May 31st 2012 Mysterious Bubbling Reported in Bayou

August 3, Overnight 2012 Sinkhole Reported
October 27th,2012 If my orbital model is correct, Isaac particle strings also triggered the massive 7.7 Earthquake in Massett, Canada while it continues to orbit underground.
Is it enough to convict the criminal?  That is uncertain. It is hard to believe an object 93 million miles away less than a millimeter in diameter can have such an effect on our planet. But the sun is massive and I believe it has many massive orbiting particle strings to share with us. As I have said, uncertainty orbits through and around certainty, certainly.
And WE JUST HAD ANOTHER M CLASS SOLAR FLARE while I was writing this article.


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