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The Dart of Time

November 27, 2012

I appreciate everyone that has taken time to visit my rather “unique” blog. I have a few countries that have visited that I had forgotten about, sorry for that, the updated list is here if you are curious. If you are a research specialist in one of the fields I have touched on you probably quickly realize I am not an expert in many/most of the fields my research is touching so I feel sort of lonely and over my head much of the time, but I am trying to learn fast. But that can also be good because I am guessing some people have that “deer in the headlights” feeling if they are suddenly tuning into my dark matter radio station frequency and are sensing the beat.

I started the blog with the notion that Dark Matter & Dark Energy occupies approx 96% of the universe (give or take) so it should effect 96% of our lives, and so far that seems to be about right (to me). Much of the non-human induced suffering on this planet appears to be triggered from the orbital effects of massive but tiny dark matter particles. The small, fast neutrinos pass through us only once and take 80-100 years to kill us on average. Once you wrap your mind around the fact that this stuff is thrown at us from the sun (and comets to a lesser extent) and that the large particles orbit around and through the Earth the rest is easy. Many of these massive particles are energetic, like a comet nucleus and they accelerate as they enter a denser mass-energy environment and can even chase their tail.

I have one comment on the arrow of time. Many have said that if one either orbits around a black hole or speeds through space near the speed of light that time slows down and you will return to Earth and Earthlings will have aged. While I do believe that there will be a time difference, from my observation, you will have biologically aged at the same rate as your friends on Earth unless you can reduce the amount of dark matter/neutrino flux that may be speeding through you. As you increase your velocity through space, many more neutrinos and dark matter particles will have passed through you and they will have aged you biologically at a faster rate over a shorter period of time, all other things being equal. Time appears to be collapsed by dark matter, or maybe shredded is a better word. So instead of an arrow, let’s call it a dart that ends at a black hole bullseye. Gravity appears to be the acceleration due to dark matter. The larger the dark matter body, the higher the flux and acceleration.

So it appears to me as you accelerate towards the speed of light that matter/mass does not become infinite, you become ENTROPY (through nuclear beta decay, radiation, etc.). E=E. The rate at which one converts to entropy depends upon the dark matter density you are travelling through and velocities. I am sorry I don’t have that in a nice neat equation.

If we want to live longer lives, let’s find or create a place in space with low neutrino/dark matter flux, create our own weather and get rid of those fission reactors. Sounds simple. Let’s get to it.


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