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Pancakes and Pot Holes

November 30, 2012

MercuryAre these really asteroid impact craters on Mercury or do they look more like sinkholes?  See that large crater?  Would not a massive asteroid that size leave a gaping hole much deeper than those small ones and not what looks like a pancake? And if they look more like sinkholes to you then if they do not have flowing water on those planets then how do they form? Do you follow me?  Do I need a geologist to tell me that these are Karst formations? You know my vote, orbital dark matter and beta decay.  Mercury should get many orbital dark matter strikes because it is the closest in to the largest gravitational black hole in our solar system (the sun). These do not look like impact blast craters to me. They look more subtle, like the gradual beta decay of matter due to many orbital passes of dark matter particles and the bubble atmosphere of ionizing radiation from low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) and beta decay surrounding the particle.

One thing I am trying to visualize is that the more massive particle (micro black hole) should be cooler and may have a smaller bubble since it will also have greater gravitational pull.  The less massive particles will be hotter and have less gravitational pull on their surroundings so they may have a larger beta decay “bubble” and larger “crater”  Maybe that is why the larger “craters” appear to be less deep than the smaller.  Again it might be my imagination running wild and this is a top-down photo and it is hard to tell depth.

I just want the truth, no matter how hard it hits me in the head, or passes through my head. If M Theory is correct and many extra dimensions of space exist then this place should be crawling with dark matter AND I THINK IT IS and we are just the evaporative crust and get shaken loose every once in awhile.


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  1. jzues permalink

    Godspeed Indeed.

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