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The Atmosphere is a Cloud Chamber?

November 30, 2012

Cloud ChamberBowlI guess we knew it anyway, just not in that way, if you get my drift… I know some of you know what a cloud chamber is and others do not.  Here is a link to a description in Wilkepedia.  They are used for atomic particle detection. The only reason I say this is because of all the video of strange skies before hurricanes approaching.  I believe the massive energetic hurricane particle, which is most likely the most massive orbiting particle in the area, can attract multiple particles that interact with its orbit and make the damage that much worse along its path. So that is the best time to see all of them.  All of these particles are condensing the moisture in the atmosphere around them as they streak on by at sub relativistic speeds. Below is a very boring but thought provoking video of the skies before Tropical Storm Debby that I covered in a previous blog, which created multiple sinkholes in the North Florida area.  You might imagine you can see some particle tracks, maybe not, it is all in the eyes of the beholder. We humans are very good at kidding ourselves for millenia…


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  1. All,

    I received this email from the lady who took the video. I would be interested if anyone else can see the objects she mentioned. As I mentioned in a previous blog about Hurricane Sandy, multiple particle orbits will be attracted by the gravitational attraction from the larger particle orbiting that is creating the hurricane and can orbit at right angles due to string interactions. I am 48 and had Lasik Eye surgery last Summer and have 20-15 vision 4 feet out but can’t see squat close up…without reading glasses.

    Thanks for the input. What I’m referring to isnt particles from the CME. They’re so large and fast that you must go frame by frame to see them at first. Once you know what you are looking for, then you can see a blip go across the screen at normal speed every once in a while. In the one you commented on, I believe it is at 7:45 (approx), there is a commercial airliner that I zoom in on. Watch from the top right going to the left above the airliner (jet also a great scale for the speed & size of the objects). There is also another one coming into view from below the jet at the same time the other one is leaving the screen. It, however, looks like a large javelin next to the airliner. It all happens in less than 2 seconds. These things are all throughout all of my videos since I got HD in late December 2011. In this video alone, there are 21 of them. Have fun.

    God Bless!

    P.S. Camera was set at 30 frames per second–should help knowing how quickly they move.

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